Roman’s Intensive Foot & Leg Cream

Roman’s Cream2

Are your feet dry, rough, scaling, or have skin cracks? Below are two creams that Dr. Middleton recommends, and each serves a particular purpose.

For maintenance, when there is not a particular issue with dryness and the skin of the feet is generally healthy, Eucerin cream can be used with excellent results. It’s widely available in pharmacies and grocery stores.

There are many times when feet becomes dry and rough when an “off the shelf” solution doesn’t work well enough. The first line of defense is a stronger moisturizing cream called Roman’s Cream, which is made to absorb well in the skin. Use it twice a day for softening, smoothing, and removing rough scaling skin in conditions like xerosis, skin cracks and fissures, eczema and calluses.

It is available at the Medical Foot Care Center. Give us a call: (706) 802-1800.

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