Big Toe Joint Arthritis 


Stiffness in the big toe joint can potentially be a symptom of Hallux Limitus (regular stiffness) or Hallux Rigidus (no movement). Sometimes the symptoms only appear when weight is one the foot, such as in normal standing and walking positions. As the condition gets worse, arthritis can develop in the big toe joint.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, Medical Foot Care Center can help.

Step One: Diagnosis

Common symptoms for this condition are:

  • Pain in the bottom of the big toe
  • Calluses on the toe
  • Diabetics may develop ulceration (which can become infected)
  • Bumps on the top of the joint (which can become painful)
  • Pain and stiffness with movement

If untreated, the joint may be destroyed. During diagnosis, a patient will undergo a physical examination and x-rays may be taken of the foot.

Step Two: Treatment

Anti-inflammatory medications and/or cortisone injections may be used to help reduce pain.

Functional orthotics may be used to target the underlying cause of the condition. These devices generally fit into normal shoes to correct functional problems in the joint. They will not treat the condition, but they can slow the on-going damage.

Surgery may be used once spurs (bumps) develop around the joint. Depending of the severity of damage to the joint, the surgery may either remove the bone spurs, perform a decompression osteotomy, or may require total joint replacement or fusion. After surgery, a functional orthotic will help improve the joint function.

If you struggle with this condition, please call now for an immediate appointment: (706) 802-1800.

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